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Holiday Décor Gifts That Last all Winter

To make Christmas shopping less stressful with the emphasis on the pleasure of shopping for others, it is my hope that this year you purchase gifts with style and function. Choosing gifts that have a shelf life for the entire winter season and beyond is not only practical but is less waste of money. Your friends and family will be pleased!

It is my desire to help you with your choices, so here goes!

FOR THE HOMEBODY there are items and accessories that make “quality time” at home cozy and relaxed, such as a toasty robe, flicking candles, a lovely throw, or some interesting, exotic tea. 

#1 Chambers® Hydrocotton Robe, White, #2 Plaid Lambswool Throw, Grayson, #3 25oz Large Brass 2-Wick Candle Lemon - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia, #4 Faux Fur Robes, #5 Carry Along Motor Robe Wool Throw Blanket, #6 Tea Forte Single Steeps Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

FOR THE HOME there are gifts that the entire family can enjoy like throws, interesting bowls for munching favorite snacks, items to make the perfect cup of good coffee or tea, candles or ottomans that are multi-functional. 

Unique Wall Frames. A fresh look for table settings at this time of year is especially welcoming, such as mix and match silver and black silverware.

#1 Italian Boiled Wool Stripe Throw, #2 Porcelain Berry Bowl, #3 Copper Hammered Chargers Set Of 4, #4 9.3oz Reactive Glaze Ceramic Container Candle Cedar Magnolia - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia, #5 Francine ottoman, #6 8" x 10" Phantom Photo Display Black - Umbra, #7 Berglander 20 Piece Titanium Black Plated Stainless Steel Flatware Set, #8 METALLISK Vacuum flask, stainless steel41 oz

FOR THE PERSON WHO HAS IT ALL…Shopping for the person who has everything is challenging but some ideas include Oregon art, unique candles, high quality throws such as Pendleton, a thoughtful Left Hand mug. Ornaments that don’t scream holiday are suggested, like wooden trays, Gift Baskets with chocolates, French bar soap sets, exquisite lotions, International or wellness teas, and so forth.

#1 Portland, City of Roses, #2 Luxurious Cube Candle, #3 Pendleton® Yakima Faux Fur Back Stripe Throw, #4 Clay In Motion Raging Rapid Handwarmer Mug, Left Hand, #5 Portland Oregon tree ornament, #6 Desert Beige Pot, #7 Rectangle Serve Board, #8 Just Breathe Gift Basket

For ONE-OF-A-Kind and PERSONAL gifts, how about a commissioned painting by local artist Annie Salness.

Annie Salness

Here’s what the artist has to say: “Commissioning a piece of art might seem like a luxury but it can be an investment. It is special and out-of-the ordinary. The artist could paint your beloved pet, your child doing something they love, a favorite vacation spot, your garden at a certain favored season, or a simple word that has special meaning for you.”

Annie Salness

Another suggestion is a custom print of your Ideal Bookshelf by Jane MountThis is how it works, so PLEASE READ THIS! I am sure your friends will be delighted to have their favorite books memorialized in this creative, attractive presentation. The prints are “forever gifts” to be treasured.

Shown here is a guest bedroom with a reading corner design by du interiors, where my client chose a custom print with her favored books.

Elle M Photography

Click here for more ideas...

By the way, I’d LOVE to know the best HOME gifts you’ve ever discovered or ones that you have received that were perfect for you or your home. Do share, won’t cha!

 Happy Holidays!



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