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House Renovation!

Those For Sale signs popping up in many neighborhoods are another sign of summer. This is the high season for selling and buying properties.
While the focus usually is on the pluses of houses, let’s not forget fixer uppers that require work. The plus for these is lower selling prices leaving room for renovation, whether as an investment or as YOUR new home. Because fixer uppers sell at lower prices you can put extra dollars into renovation ideas that attract good prices. Renovation of your home will also get you more attractive offers if you want to move or remain in it and save on moving costs.
Before making a decision on a fixer upper walk through the property before deciding to make an offer. Make sure the house is the right one to renovate for you or to sell. 

There are important fundamentals of renovation to consider.
Curb Appeal
First impressions are important. Revamping the front of the house is a good way to appeal to potential buyers. 
Replace front door hardware or repainting it is a good idea.
Be sure the landscaping is attractive.

Removing Walls & Adding Laminate Floors. A very good idea.
This is a low-cost way to make changes. Knocking down walls to give your Seventies Architectural-style house an open floor plan is desirable for many buyers. It’s a great return for your investment that doesn’t require much of your time and financial resources.

Open Kitchen Concept
Island counter spaces are popular as well as new appliances.

Bath Rooms
Add natural light to the master bath, if possible. Definitely a plus. Add tile (color, texture, shape) to bathroom walls.

Capitalize on this. Don’t forget the garage overhead space.

Solar Tubes or Skylights
Add sunlight! Who doesn’t want that!
Be sure to get costs from contractors and add 20%. Vital before you sign any papers!

Call in the Calvary!
If you choose to manage the renovation yourself, it can be an enjoyable and rewarding process. However, it takes a certain type of person. One who is organized, calm under pressure, strategic and confident and having the time to plan, coordinate and oversee each detail.
If you cannot check yes to these traits, please consider hiring a project manager. Yes, it costs a fee, but a badly managed project will cost time and money and not deliver the vision you had in mind. A professional will watch over everything, allowing you peace of mind.

Happy June!


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