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Here’s how to bring back your dining room

Is your dining room sitting alone and abandoned most of the year, a stepsister to the more popular open kitchen or family room?
Perhaps you have a yearning to return to the days when family and friends sat in one place together and laughed and shared their days with each other?
Dining rooms do not have to be stuffy and formidable.
Now that autumn has transitioned to winter and people are spending more time indoors, chances are you would use the dining room more if you gave it a little attention?

Du Interiors offers Beautiful Ideas:

The Rug: A rug is a good first choice because it can set the tone and introduce the color scheme. Decide whether you are looking for a soft and relaxing tone with light colors or you prefer drama with darker shades. Coordinate the walls with a hue from the rug and all other accents like chair cushions, art work or lighting like the picture below.

Side Note: Be sure the dining room rug has at least 24 inches of floor on all sides so guests won’t get stuck in it when moving chairs.

Designer's Choice
Photographed by Suzanna Scott

Dining chairs: If you are like my husband, you prefer cushions that are comfy, whereas I prefer statement chairs with interesting design frames like our white Wish Bone chairs. As a compromise, I added two upholstery chairs at the ends and everybody is smiling. Don’t be afraid to use chair combinations, chairs and benches, upholstery and wood or metal frames.

Side Note:  Scale is important when choosing dining room chairs and rugs. If you have a large space with a large dining room table, the rug and chairs should be in proportion to the space. The same rules apply to a small dining room.

A Variety of Wood tones bring interest and energy to the dining room and add warmth and welcoming vibes. Mix the woods of varying colors within the same tonal family so long as they complement each other. You can choose woods (floor and furniture) on the cooler side such as stone gray, mango wood, white wash or have all your woods on the warmer side, like in this dining room below. Black painted or stained wood works well with both options.

Designer Spotlight: Heidi Caillier | All Sorts Of

Nothing creates a mood more than lighting. You could add a large glass and brass chandelier over the table that adds sophistication to your dining room or go for a more organic look using bamboo or any other natural material.

Street of Dreams 2019 . Du interiors photo

Mirrors! I am a big fan of mirrors because they give a beautiful reflection that also helps expand any room, making it appear larger.

Tall arched mirror in the dining room + white walls + white curtains + modern glass bulb chandelier + rectangular wood dining table + large vase with greenery centerpiece + modern dining chairs | Lucy and Company

Side Note: Incorporate elements from other rooms.
If you have rooms that open to each other be sure you repeat décor elements so there is a united feeling. Examples are metal finishes such as black/brass/silver, accent colors, identical textures or shapes, natural objects and so forth.

Wall gallery
If you desire a gallery wall, take time to plan what you are looking for. Would classic black and white images work best with your furnishings, or would colorful artwork or objects give more personality? Do you like ordered, symmetrical walls or do you prefer organic, free-flowing collections?
Estimate the space you’ll use for this: an entire wall or a few square feet? Vertical or horizontal? This helps determine how many items you want to work with.

Side Note: Best gallery walls include large, empty walls or awkward spaces where art work wouldn’t work. A good choice would be a gallery wall that is the first wall you notice when you enter the room.

One large object that makes a high-impact moment is another approach rather than a bunch of things, such as a large plant, a lantern, vase or bowl.

Don’t forget the pleasure of setting a beautiful table that sets the mood for the evening. For some, this is the best part!


But that’ll have to wait for a future blog!
All of this may sound like too much work or more than you feel you have the time or skill to do. If so, that’s where Du Interiors can help you, with a consultation or making the entire project come to fruition.

We’re just a phone call away!


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