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The laid-back life...

Multi-zoned garden makeover with raised beds, summerhouse and dining area

Image credit: Colin Poole

This summer looks to be like no other as people return to a new normal for the season.
With our usual activities limited because of the virus pandemic, our futures uncertain, we
are more in need of a peaceful oasis than ever. Because of lingering fears about the virus, our emotional health is vulnerable and our usual restorative choices of being able to travel and recharge are limited. However, as in all things, there are ways to help us achieve our goals.

Seeking a more laid-back life?

Could you find solace in your back yard? Whether yours is large, a covered port or a small patio for condominium dwellers, there are ways you can transform your environment for summer dreaming and lounging.

Outdoor life is healthy and relaxing, so how do you create an oasis of peace?


 Où trouver une table de balcon rabattable - Joli Place

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Small spaces mean less space for outdoor furniture, so we suggest you make sure the pieces you have are multi-functional and are going to pull double duty when used. For example, side tables that also serve as a stool whenever needed or ottomans that function as coffee tables.

You can create a little cozy space with a colorful round bistro table and chairs or a charming corner with black & white furniture.

Photo from


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You can also bring your outdoor space to life at nightfall by turning your patio into a paradise with the right touches, such as this Oil Lamp from CB-2, or stringing up outdoor lights.

Get inspired to put on your work boots and get down to business when you see this stunning backyard-turned-getaway-location.

Here are some suggestions:

Another suggestion is to add a focal point with a birdbath like this one from CB-2 , a sculpture or a fire pit that speaks to the great outdoors. 

Scot Eckley Inc.

Here are some fire pit suggestions and keep in mind that some of these require either a gas tank or line.


The process of creating a cozy living space outdoors is the same as accomplishing the same indoors. I usually start with an area rug and furniture that will define the space and then add other layers like accessories, such as pots, planters, pillows, throws and lighting.

By paying attention to your back yard or patio you gift yourself more space to enjoy life. And in these uncertain times it is not a luxury, but as necessary as the air we breathe.

Here are some of my favorite places to shop for outdoor furniture & plants/planters.

Versailles Gardens 503-516-9487

1920 NW 18th Ave., Portland 97209

Pomarius Nursery 503-490-6866

1920 NW 18th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

Bedford Brown 503.227.7755

1825 NW Vaughn Street, Portland OR 97209

Cornell Farm (503) 292-9895

8212 SW Barnes Rd, Portland, OR 97225

Al’s Garden (other locations) 503-726-1162

16920 SW Roy Rogers Rd, Sherwood, OR 97140

Check Du interiors Pinterst "Outdoor board" for more ideas.

I hope these comments and photos help you enjoy the outdoors at your home this season. If you need help in choosing items or in placement of objects or just a consultation for ideas unique to your place, I am just a phone call away!



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